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Batoto Downloader v2.0

A very simple application that allows you to download any chapter from any manga existing on website.

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Welcome to my new website!

As the most loyal of you surely will notice, I gave a profound restructuring the entire website, starting right from this home page up on every single page on the site :)
The major technical differences are essentially 5:

  1. The website is now more dynamic thanks to the use of javascript and PHP: loading pages dynamically using PHP allows more customization, such as the icons for the various projects or dual language selectable by the user, and it brings less ties to the Internet browser you are using. The images and text on each page are also now regulated by javascript in order to offer a better view and especially a tidier page.
  2. A horizontal bar always visible: thanks to bootstrap now you will have a horizontal bar always visible on the screen that will give you quick access to the menu at any location on the page you are.
  3. The menu changed from horizontal to lateral: thanks to the project slidebars I finally got to give the site the neat and compact menu it deserves. The animations were also reduced to the minimum in order to avoid heaviness especially on mobile web browsers.
  4. Images sorted and displayed with stylized slideshow: thanks to flexslider now the preview images of the various programs will be displayed in an orderly and stylized slideshow box, however without to be too cumbersome or heavy for page loading.
  5. Full compatibility with mobile: now the website is perfectly adaptable to mobile view, infact any external component used in the pages (bootstrap, flexslider, slidebars) is perfectly "responsive", that is pre-configured for viewing on mobile devices.
I hope you enjoy this radical change of the website, and also I take this opportunity to apologize for the delay in updating several of my programs but now you finally know the reason for this "lack" of updates lately, I've been busy rewriting all pages of this website singly and it was really a heavy job, believe me: P