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What's it?
It's a FileJungle.com (FJ) Uploader for Linux. It can upload files to your account and get all links of files contained in a FJ folder.

  • Possibility to login in your FJ Account
  • Possibility to upload files in your FJ Account
  • Possibility to know current file upload ETA, upload progress and current upload speed.
  • Possibility to list the links of all files contained in a FJ folder (printing filename and/or filesize too).

This program is secure at 100%. Your login data will be not stealed! When you login in your account trought this program a temporary cookie will be created. That cookie will live only for the program execution period: when you close the program cookies will be deleted!
In this way you can use this program also in PCs that are not yours. Note: do NOT use the "remember" function if you are not using YOUR PC.

-On Archlinux use the package on AUR.
-On Debian based distros (ex. Ubuntu and derivates) use the DEB package.
-About all other distros:
  1. Install the dependencies:
    gambas2-runtime, gambas2-gb-gtk, gambas2-gb-qt,

    gambas2-gb-form, gambas2-gb-settings, curl
  2. Note: gambas2-gb-qt is optional, install it only if you need the QT support for KDE.
  3. Download the package containing the binaries (bin)
  4. Give the execution rights to the binary file:
    chmod +x FJSquirrel.gambas
  5. Run the binary file double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:

  • To my girlfriend for her patience.
  • To Night_Cervant for his beta tests.
  • To Filejungle for its hosting service.
  • To gambas2 and curl authors.

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