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What's it?
It's a simple multi-platform tool that allows you to search if a manga is available to be read online.
The program, at version 3.5, supports 15 different online manga reader services such as those offered by AnyManga.com, ItaScan.info, MangaDeer.com, MangaDoom.co, MangaEden.com (both English and Italian versions), MangaFox.me, MangaHere.com, MangaPanda.com, MangaPark.com, MangaReader.net, MangaSee.co, Batoto.net, MangaYes.com and Mangable.com.

  • Fixed MangaDoom.com that now is MangaDoom.co
  • Fixed MangaSee.com that now is MangaSee.co
  • Fixed error 403, now the program will use a specific user-agent in every http request
  • Fixed a bug with errors dialog that did not show correctly what websites gave error
  • Updated Batoto.net with the new domain Bato.to
  • Added a function for automatic errors report, in this way I can know earlier if a website has been changed. The automatic errors report is totally anonymous and no personal data will be used.
[+] Older versions
  • Fixed MangaYes.com links display
  • The user can now resize the program's window
    • Removed Manga4 that does not exist anymore.
    • Removed Wootmanga that does not exist anymore.
    • Fixed MangaFox that returned its whole manga list when the search had no result
    • Fixed a bug that corrupted the saved settings after a program's upgrade
    • Fixed MangaYes that did not work properly
    • Fixed MangaPark that did not work properly
    • Fixed a bug with Batoto when manga title contained spaces
    • Added a Paste button in the main window
    • Added the search page into the progress bar label to avoid that the program could seem stuck
    New functions:
    • Limited the search results for each website to a maximum of 10 pages
    • Added a function to search for program's updates at startup
  • Added the complete support for Batoto.net
  • Fixed the support for ItaScan.info
  • Removed the support for Mangavolume.com (search function does not work anymore on its website so it's impossible to search for manga on it for now).
  • Created an all-in-one JAR: now the necessary libraries are included in the main .jar file.
  • Added the complete support for Mangable.com.
  • Fixed a bug that did not clear the found manga list after every search.
  • Fixed a bug with MangaVolume.com that brought to an error when the search term was longer than 15 chars.
  • Fixed a bug with MangaHere.com that brought the program to freeze when there were no search results.
  • Fixed a bug with the combobox: by default all search results will be displayed after any search.
  • Added a check to avoid endless searches when the search term is null.
  • Now the version of the program will be displayed directly in the title for an easier identification.
  • Program completely rewritten from scratch.
  • Changed the programming language from Gambas to JAVA: in this way the program is now bootable and compatible with all Operating Systems on which there is a JVM, whether they are Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Two translations available for the program: English and Italian.
  • Improved the search algorithm: now the program will analyze all possible pages of results for each site, not only the first (as in previous versions).
  • Added support for the following new websites: ItaScan.info, MangaDeer.com, MangaDoom.com, MangaSee.com and MangaYes.com
  • Dropped support the following no longer accessible websites: MangaRush.com and MangaThat.com
  • Dropped support for TenManga.com because its search engine does not working properly anymore.
  • Fixed support for WootManga.com
  • Now the program shows the results in a table showing also the URL link for each manga.
  • Added a popup menu (right click) from which you can choose whether to open the selected link or simply to copy it into the system clipboard.
  • Adding a user-customizable setting regarding the timeout of connections.
  • Now from the settings the user can choose which websites to search, with the ability to disable the unwanted websites speeding up the searching process.
  • Because of some limitations of JAVA, in the settings you can now add a custom command to open your favorite web browser or the full path of the web browser to open.
  • Improved the information dialog with the insertion of a disclaimer, the list of websites supported by the current program's version and 2 buttons to open the project's homepage or the bug report page.
  • Changed the development environment from Gambas2 to Gambas3
  • Removed the function to report bugs
  • Following your specific requests, added the support for MangaPanda.com
  • Changed the icons for MangaEden.com ENG and ITA tabs
  • Fixed a bug that brought the program to crash if there were duplicate mangas in one of the websites


  • First public release
  • Possibility to search if a manga is available to be read online on 10 different websites.
  • Possibility to set a wait time between the different requests (usefull to improve the download process).
  • Possibility to send me a bug report directly from the program.
  • Two translation available for the program: English and Italian

-On Windows use the EXE package.
-On Archlinux use the package on AUR.
-On Debian based distros (ex. Ubuntu and derivates) use the DEB package.
-About all other Unix distros or Mac:
  1. Install JAVA and reboot the PC.
  2. Download the package containing the binaries (bin)
  3. Extract the package you just downloaded:
    tar -zxvf Yuki_x.x-x_bin.tar.gz
  4. Enter in the folder just extracted and run the JAR file with JAVA double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal:
    java -jar Yuki.jar

Bugs, Issues, Enhancements and Proposals
You can report any bugs or issues, as well as suggestions for enhancements and proposals, using the project's official page on BitBucket you can find HERE.

  • To Oracle for the JAVA language.
  • To jsoup authors.
  • To all websites that offer the online manga reader service.
  • To my girlfriend for her patience.

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